Winner of the 2017 Rachel Rawls Award

It is the great pleasure of the NCAER Board to announce Sandy Bryant as the winner of the 2017 Rachel Rawls Award. 


Picture of Sandy accepting award

Sandy is currently one of Early Learning Sensory Support Program's Lead Teachers, but started her career working with children with special needs in 1978.  She began working with students with visual impairments in 1979 and began teaching with the Governor Morehead Preschool program (now ELSSP/VI) since 1987.  Like Dr. Rachel Rawls, Sandy has also dedicated her life to advocate for children with visual impairments. She has touched the lives of thousands of students and families with her knowledge and kind spirit throughout her 39 year in education.  

‚ÄčAlso like Dr. Rawls, Sandy has spent countless years training and preparing new teachers to work with children with visual impairments. As a Lead Teacher, Sandy not only teaches young children with visual impairments, but she also mentors new professionals in the field. She shares her wisdom, experience, and provides support to new teachers, so they will go on to be successful educators like herself.  Sandy's passion for her work is not only evident in the work she has done and continues to do every day, but it is also felt each time you have the honor of speaking with her about the children and families she serves. Congratulations Sandy on a job well done!