Winner of the 2019 Rachel Rawls Award

It is the great pleasure of the NCAER Board to announce Yvonne Franz as the winner of the 2019 Rachel Rawls Award. 


Picture of Yvonne Franz  accepting award


Yvonne is characterized in the following ways:

  • An outstanding professional, role model, teacher, and colleague
  • Energetic and an encourager
  • A wealth of knowledge
  • A very valuable resource
  • Advocacy for individuals with visual impairment extends to all ages
  • Invested in student global well-being
  • Models effective parent/teacher relationships
  • Invested in growing the field of TVIs in NC
  • A fiscal advocate for students in the LEA
  • (And perhaps most significant for this conference’s theme) An encourager of unique and innovative technology projects and practices

These professional descriptions extend many collaborations she supports:

  • The National Federation for the Blind
  • Early Learning Sensory Support Program
  • Division of Services for the Blind
  • The LIONs club

She is known in the community for understanding students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment, including deaf/blindness. She is a certified braille transcriber. She is known for her Assistive Technology leadership and has also published on the Perkins Schools for the Blind site “Paths to Technology.”

Last year a seat of honor at the Rachel Rawls professional table remained empty, as no nominations were made. This year Yvonne Franz is welcomed to take a seat at this honorable table.